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Terms of Service

Dobie-Ace Terms of Service for Artwork:


You agree to and fully understand all of the following terms of service:

You must be over 18 years old on the day the commission is requested.

You may be asked to provide proof of age using valid photo i.d, along with a selfie. (Your i.d will be kept in strict confidence and not passed on to any third party)

No refunds are provided after the completion of a custom artwork I have done for you. 

Payments are received via paypal, or card payment if paying at conventions. 

I may ask you to choose from a selection of thumbnail poses to proceed with for your piece if you do not have a pose in mind. 


I will provide you with a sketch to review to make any changes prior to the work being completed.  


I do not draw scat, cub, hate, violence, vore, or gore art. 


My art style focuses on male anatomy. 


Timelines I provide are estimates only, and may change depending on my circumstances. 


I reserve the right to refuse to take on a particular commission.


I reserve the right to cancel a work item if a client is being too abusive. 


I may publish the piece I have completed for you through social media and other art related websites for the sake of my own advertising. 


I may live stream myself working on the piece unless you explicitly request I do not. 


You agree to not to claim the commission as being your own work


You can re-post the commission where you like as long as you credit it as being my work.


You understand and agree that I have my own unique art style which may be visible in your commissioned piece.


You understand and agree that any abuse or bullying or derogatory comments on my work or myself may result in you being banned from any of my online accounts, refused commissions, or your commission being cancelled.


You are using your own finances to pay for the commission


The work you received will bear my signature. 


It is your responsibility to ensure you do not expose any completed work I do for you to any minor in any media form, and that you do not use the completed work I do for you in any kind of illegal way. I do not accept responsibility for you using any of my artwork in any kind of illegal way. 

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